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   CONSTRUCTION Pool ladders & Showers Solar showers These solar showers have an integrated PE tank in which the water is heated up by the sun . All showers can be connected to the water supply by a simple garden hose .      PART NO. 0550196 0550197 0550198 0550199 MODEL CONTENT Solar shower The Sunny solar shower produces free hot water . Just like a solar panel, the tank base is connected to the water mains and exposed to the sun for about two hours to heat the water contained in it up to 60 degrees . This, properly mixed with cold water through the mixer, makes it possible to deliver approximately 60 litres of water at 30oC . PART NO. TYPE  0550196  straight 18 ltr 0550197  bend 20 ltr 0550198  straight 35 ltr 0550199  straight with foot  35 ltr               7016911   Sunny Deluxe   100  

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