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        7016703 Eurolite white 12VAC 300 Watt liner pools SP0512LINER    7016850 7012768 Eurolite white 12VAC  stainless steel 300 Watt concrete pools   INS3481 SP0512CONCRETE  Design/ColorLogic II/CrystaLogic   7012769  EuroLite/ColorLogic  stainless steel INS0512  7026101  Design/ColorLogic II/CrystalLogic  PVC PRDX240LG   7015046  12VAC   120 Watt  34RCLED   0181262  3/4"  3495EURO HEATING & PIPING AND HOSES ACCESSORIES CLEANING WATER TREATMENT DEHUMIDIFICATION PUMPS FILTRATION COVERS LIGHTS CONSTRUCTION NORSUP                                  Hayward Pool light Hayward Eurolite light, complete with PAR 56-niche, cable conduit hose 90cm with fixed 3/4" male connectors, cable 6 mm2-length 2 .3 metre and mounting template . This PAR 56 niche has an oversized mounting ring . Model: Par 56    PART NO. TYPE COLOUR Hayward Insert for pool light PART NO. TYPE Hayward Insert for pool light PART NO. TYPE Hayward Insert for pool light PART NO. TYPE Hayward Wireless control unit VOLTAGE MAX. PERFOR- MANCE MATERIAL MATERIAL MATERIAL SUITABLE FOR HAYWARD NO. HAYWARD NO. HAYWARD NO. HAYWARD NO.                                           The wireless control unit is only compatible with Hayward ColorLogic II RGB / Mini spotlights . These unit and the RGB spotlights might create a very varied colour variation . 11 fixed col- ours and 7 different light shows are available . PART NO. VOLTAGE MAX. PERFORMANCE Hayward Connector box Connection: female thread PART NO. SIZE HAYWARD NO. HAYWARD NO.                 105 

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