Page 109 - Swimming Pool Catalogue MGT 2020 UK
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      7024670 white 1 12VAC 3 Watt floor mounting 140 Lumen  7024672 white 1 12VAC 3 Watt concrete pools 140 Lumen  7024671 warm white 1 12VAC 3 Watt 198 Lumen  7024673 warm white 1 12VAC 3 Watt floor mounting concrete pools 198 Lumen    7024674  600 Watt  12VAC  0181877  white 279 Par 56  18 Watt  12VAC 1365 Lumen 0181878  RGB  465 Par 56  20 Watt   12VAC  800 Lumen   0181879  60 Watt  12VAC  HEATING & PIPING AND HOSES ACCESSORIES CLEANING WATER TREATMENT DEHUMIDIFICATION PUMPS FILTRATION COVERS LIGHTS CONSTRUCTION NORSUP     Mega Pool LED light, type Terra-lux Terra-Lux light is for wide applications such as swimming pool and spa, water feature and landscaping . Stainless steel 316 High grade ABS housing is applicable for installations such as in-ground, pool wall, deck surface and steps . 2 years warranty period COLOUR NUMBER OF MAX. PERFOR- PART NO. LEDS LED VOLTAGE MANCE SUITABLE FOR BRIGHTNESS Mega Wireless control unit Maximum load of 600W with power indicator Electrical overload & leakage protection Two control modes: manual and timer mode IP44 rating suitable for outdoor use Incl 1x remote control Simple and easy operation Works well with any lights from multiple brands PART NO. MAX. PERFORMANCE VOLTAGE Mega Pool Replacement LED light The Mega pool LED light RGB offers 7 set colours and 10 colour sequencing programmes .                         COLOUR NUMBER OF PART NO. LEDS LED MODEL Mega Wireless control unit for replacement LED Up to 3 lights PART NO. MAX. PERFORMANCE VOLTAGE MAX. PERFOR- MANCE VOLTAGE BRIGHTNESS                      107 

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