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  Bar cover, type Easy One Easy One bar covers are very quick to install, requiring only 6 drill holes . It uses tube tension system, rolling using a down-geared hand-wheel from right to left . Features: Quick unhooking tension strap Special snow kit Anti-lifting kit Protective runner kit Removable unrolling strap NF P 90-308 standard 3 years warranty Optional: Rolltrot Technical specifications: Fabric: 580g/m2 soft PVC reinforced with a polyester weft Breaking strength: 2500N/5cm ( warp), 1800N/5cm (weft) Tear strength: 250N (warp and weft direction) Treatment: UV, cyptogamic bacterial Bar cover weight: 1,1 Kg/m2 Overlaps: 25cm arround the edge of the pool Composition: 1x Bar cover and accessories / 1x down-geared hand -wheel PART NO. COLOUR WIDTH LENGTH SUITABLE FOR Rolltrot The Rolltrot is an automatic motorisation system for effortless bar cover roll up ( cannot be used to unroll) . It simply slots on to the square end of the rolling tube of all our Easy bar covers . Whatever the cover position during roll-up, the Rolltrot can be removed very easily by pressing on the Reverser button . PART NO.   7026002  dark grey  3 .15 m  7 .5 m Aspen 7026003  dark grey  3 .20 m  7 .7 m Soho 7026004  dark grey  3 .20 m  8 .4 m Manhatthan 7026005  dark grey  3 .00 m  7 .6 m Montecito 7026006  dark grey   3 .75 m   8 .0 m  Colorado                 Roll-away 7026007  Rolltrot        119             HEATING & PIPING AND HOSES ACCESSORIES CLEANING WATER TREATMENT DEHUMIDIFICATION PUMPS FILTRATION COVERS LIGHTS CONSTRUCTION NORSUP  

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