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   FILTRATION Filters Pentair Sand filters with ClearPro Technology® The No .1 sand filter in the world is now capable of filtering pool water like never before . The innovation lies in a patented component positioned inside the filter: a porous tube, permeable enough for water to be able to cross through without pressure loss but capable of acting as an efficient barrier against the finest particles, such as dust, algae and pollen . Result: water so clear that no other sand filter lacking in ClearPro Technology® is able to offer . Maintenance of the filters Triton® II and Tagelus II® remains however very simple, as it requires less mainte- nance than cartridge-type or diatomaceous filters . A simple back wash is sufficient to retain all of its efficiency year after year . Features: One-piece . fibreglass reinforced tank with UV resistant coating Easy access . heavy-duty closure with built-in pressure relief valve makes inspection and maintenance fast, safe and easy (Triton® II) Top-mounted six-position multi-port valve with sight glass, built-in pressure gauge, manual air relief valve, flange connec- tions and clamp ring to make inspection and routine mainte- nance fast, safe and easy (Tagelus® II) Flow system design controls filtration quality and ensures maxi- mum run times between backwashing to save you time Easy-to-use water drain for simplified service and winterising Maximum operating temperature 50°C 10 year tank warranty ClearPro® is a patented technology designed by Pentair to achieve very fine levels of filtration 4 times better than a con- ventional sand filter (approx 10μ vs 40μ)    132 

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