Page 140 - Swimming Pool Catalogue MGT 2020 UK
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   FILTRATION Filtersets Filter set, type EZ clean Aqualoon® Energy efficient filter set for small above ground pools . The Aqualoon® filter medium reduces resistance in the filter so the power consumed by the filter pump is just 100 watts . Because of the low power consumption, the filter pump runs very silently . Needless to say, Aqualoon® filter medium delivers the required clear water quality . Just like traditional filter sand, Aqualoon® has no effect on chemical water management . You will need to rinse out the Aqualoon® filter medium several times a season, according to the level of dirt caused by using the swimming pool . The fact that cleaning is not carried out by backwashing, saves water . The filter medium (320 gr .) is included, which means the filter set is ready for immediate use .  Equipped with RCD differential plug (30 mA) . Connection Material Colour Voltage Pressure : hose tail : HDPE : grey : 230VAC : 2 bar   PART NO. PART NO. TYPE A mm SIZE PUMP DIAMETER mm MAX FLOW RATE m3/h SAND kg MAX. POOL VOL. m3  7018979   EZ clean Aqualoon    32-38 mm  FP100 250 12            B mm WEIGHT kg  7018979  250  435 5 .5  2 .8   6 .0            138 

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