Page 15 - Swimming Pool Catalogue MGT 2020 UK
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   Keep your pool clean Manual pool cleaning Good maintenance is essential to enjoy your pool at its best. There is a range of materials and kits for this job, from nets and brushes to chemicals.       Nets The Mega pool nets help you take leafes out of your pool.       Brushes We have a wide range of brushes to clean the bottom and walls of your pool.       Floating dispenser Different sizes of dispensers to dose chemicals into the pool water.        Automatic suction pool cleaner Cleans the pool floor and sucks up the dirt into the filtration system  Semi-automatic pool cleaning Cleaning your pool by hand is a big and time consuming job on a daily basis. Automa- tic cleaning saves you a lot of valuable cleaning time & effort. Automatic pool cleaning robots Swim during the day and the pool is cleaned automatically when you sleep. The ultimate luxury!       Hayward suction cleaners For above the ground pools & pools with flat bottoms.        Pool cleaner For above the ground pools & spas with retail packaging.       Norsup Cyclone Thorough pool cleaning, optional with app controlled.         Hayward Tigershark QC Cleans floors & walls in 2 hours. Easy to use. 13   

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