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  Sta-Rite Pool pump, type S5P2R-VS2 Sta-Rite S5P2R-VS2 is a variable speed pump which saves up to 70% energy while functions super silent at low speeds . It has real-time clock with 24-hour memory retention . Simple, intuitive user interface is easy to program and operate . It contains 3 programmable speed / duration settings & adjustable override Features: Included in Pentair Trade Grade scheme Silent running Highly efficient energy saving 63mm fitting with adaptor for 50mm fitting Salt water suitable 0,4% (4gr/ltr)        PART NO. TYPE MOTOR POWER OUTPUT POWER kW HP VOLTAGE SIZE WEIGHT kg  7024532   S5P2R-VS2   1 .1   1,5  230VAC 1 1/2" 22 .6         171             HEATING & PIPING AND HOSES ACCESSORIES CLEANING WATER TREATMENT DEHUMIDIFICATION PUMPS FILTRATION COVERS LIGHTS CONSTRUCTION NORSUP  

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