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   PUMPS Variable speed pumps and control units Sta-Rite Pool pump IntelliFlo type SW5P6R VSD2 The SW5P6R VSD2 uses variable speed technology to allow the pump to run at low speeds resulting in a dramatic reduction in energy consumption and noise levels . IntelliFlo technology also reduces CO2 emissions, increases filtration quality, allows efficient chlorine production, extends the time between backwashes and many other benefits . It can also be used in seawater applications . To achieve maximum potential we recommend using the pump in combination with Pentair IntelliPool or Pentair IntelliComm control systems .     Features: Union connection: Glue socket 50/63 mm Transparent cover Quick-Lock closure Motor: 2 .2 kW permanent magnetic motor Mechanical seals: 4 .5% salt concentration (45gr/ltr) For sea water application Noise level: 45dBA at low speed Extremely low noise at low RPM Self- priming up to 5m above water level With rotatable display and wall mounting     PART NO. TYPE MOTOR POWER kW OUTPUT POWER VOLTAGE SIZE WEIGHT kg HP  7023620   SW5P6R VSD   2 .2   3  230VAC 63 mm 25 .0          172 

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