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    0892803 Gelelec     7024584  1,5 7024585 3    HEATING & PIPING AND HOSES ACCESSORIES CLEANING WATER TREATMENT DEHUMIDIFICATION PUMPS FILTRATION COVERS LIGHTS CONSTRUCTION NORSUP    Frost protection controller, type Gelelec This digital frost resistant control unit ensures a continuous filtration when the tempera- ture drops below a predetermined value . The unit will start the filtration (forced) when the air temperature is lower than the desired value (adjustable), even outside the filter range defined by the filter clock . Includes temperature probe with 1 .5 m cable . Dimensions (H x W x D) in mm: 170 x 120 x 80 Switchboxes in accordance with European standards 60439 .1, 60439 .3, Electromagnetic Compatibility (2004/108/EC) and Low Voltage Directive (2006/95/EC) . Transformers in ac- cordance with European standard EN-61558 PART NO. TYPE Mega Speed variator Mega speed variator can turn any single speed pump into a variable speed pump . Features: Easy installation and operation No noise at all Energy saving up to 80% Improves filtration performance Helps extend lifetime of pumps PART NO. OUTPUT POWER HP                      175 

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