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    PUMPS Counter current pumps Hugo Lahme Counter current system, type Taifun-Duo This counter current system consists of high-quality and durable materials such as gunmetal and stainless steel . The settings are made directly in the pool . Aperture equipped with a comfortable semi-circular Haltegri . The picture shows the counter current system with the additional installation kit, Haltegri and console . These parts must be ordered separately .   PART NO. TYPE SIZE Hugo Lahme Wall kit PART NO. Hugo Lahme Wall kit PART NO. POWER OUTPUT POWER kW HP VOLTAGE MAX FLOW RATE m3/h  7025211  Taifun-Duo   DN65 x 2 1/2"   2 .6  2 230/400VAC 60          7024931  Hugo Lahme Wall kit    7025212  Hugo Lahme Wall kit  Hugo Lahme Pump bracket PART NO. Hugo Lahme Flange kit PART NO.   7024932  Hugo Lahme Pump bracket    7024933  Hugo Lahme Flange kit  178 

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