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  Different configurations of swimming pool solar heating Operation with filter pump via three-way motor ball valve with temperature regulation . This configuration can usually be selected if the absorbers are not to be set up higher than 6m above the surface of the water . The three-way motor ball valve is integrated into the pressure line of the filter installation . Because of the tempera- ture regulation the ball valve is changed over when the absorber temperature is higher than the temperature of the water of the swimming pool . The filter stream is then pumped through the absorbers . The warmed water flows back into the filter circuit by way of a tee . Operation with own pump and temperature regulation integrated into filter circuit . In many cases it may be sensible or even necessary to install a separate pump for the solar heating . For example, when the delivery head from the water level to the absorber panel is more than 6m . The water is diverted from the filter installation by way of a tee and pumped through the absorbers by the auxiliary pump . This pump is switched by the difference temperature regulation to ensure that it only runs to actually win energy . The filter and solar pump are separate- ly regulated . It is usually advisable to integrate non-return valves in both the solar and the filter circuit . Operation with own pump and temperature regulation - piping independent of filter circuit . This configura- tion is chosen when the filter piping is difficult to access . The water is sucked out of the swimming pool by an immersion pipe, pumped through the absorbers and the warmed water is conducted back into the swimming pool . Here too the temperature difference regulation ensures that the pump only runs to win energy . If the pump is mounted above the water level and the delivery head is more than 5m, a non-return valve should be incorporated . The components: 1 Absorber 2 Temperature regulator OE 1 3 Filter installation 4 Solar circuit forward and return 5 Three-way motor ball valve 6 Temperature sensor, absorbers 7 Temperature sensor, swimming pool 8 Vent valve 9 Stop cock (downdraft brake) 10 Drain cock 11 Pump for solar circuit 12 Non-return valve   195             HEATING & PIPING AND HOSES ACCESSORIES CLEANING WATER TREATMENT DEHUMIDIFICATION PUMPS FILTRATION COVERS LIGHTS CONSTRUCTION NORSUP  

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