Page 208 - Swimming Pool Catalogue MGT 2020 UK
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   Automated WATER TREATMENT chlor based  Pentair IntellipoolTM Remote Monitoring and Control system designed to get the most out of your IntelliFlo variable speed pump . IntelliPoolTM uses IntelliFlo® at its best, offering the correct filtration speed for every application, improving the already ex- ceptional energy efficiency of IntelliFlo® even further . Extra savings occur as IntelliPoolTM will only add the exact amount of chemicals needed . When using salt electrolysis it will optimise the lifetime of your chlorinator cell . Control of the pool is available always and everywhere for both the pool owner and pool builder or maintenance provider using any smartphone or internet connection . IntelliPoolTM controls filtration, heating, lights, any type of sanitising (Cl dosing, salt chlorinator,...), a pH control pump etc .      PART NO.  0180803 Pentair IntellipoolTM 7007532 Pentair Intellipool temperature sensor 7007533 Pentair Intellipool pH probe & sol 7009797 Pentair Intellipool ORP sonde 7009798 Pentair Intellipool conductivity probe 7009799 Pentair Intellipool radio-relay 7016553 Control unit Intellipool 7026135 Indoor display Intellipool                     206 

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