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   WATER TREATMENT Dosing system pH/Rx, type Eurodos Compact Smart, compact dosing unit built to suit your basic dosing needs . Features: Automated chlor based  User friendly: push/turn selector Compact size: great functionality in a compact unit Maximum set feed timer for both pH and Rx to prevent unnecessary dosing Precise micro dosing for both pH and Rx to prevent an overdose of chemicals pH plus/minus dosing Dosing system: 2 separate, 3 wheel, rotary peristaltic pumps to give longevity to the dosing hose Complete, ready to install system; long life, salt balanced, sensors included Easy installation and maintenance with no tools required ABS case Low power consumption, typically 8 watts, maximum 12 watts PART NO. MAX. POOL VOL. VOLTAGE Connect dosing pump in series with circulation pump Measure- and dosing system pH/Rx The most flexible unit on the market . User friendly: Easy menus . If you know one, you know them all Multilingual: Choice of English, German, French and Spanish Compact size: High functionality in a very compact unit Efficient: Low power consumption almost silent running Plug and Play: Simple, fast installation with no tools required Quality: High-tech electronics, combined with the best dosing and over 30 years experience (Swiss quality) Safe Operation: Automatic reset after power failure and staggered dosing system to prevent overdose Equipped with pre-filter and flow switch PART NO. TYPE MAX. POOL VOL. VOLTAGE     7016712 35 .0 m3 230VAC      7023595  Eurodos light  60 .0 m3 230VAC  7023604   Eurodos 5   100 .0 m3  230VAC      210   

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