Page 214 - Swimming Pool Catalogue MGT 2020 UK
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   Automated WATER TREATMENT chlor based    PART NO. MAX. POOL VOL. Twin peristaltic dosing pump pH/Rx, type Technopool For private pools with double built-in pH and Rx tool, suitable for the dosage of acid/alkaline correctors depending on the pH reading, and for dosage of chlorine or other desinfectants depending on the Rx potential reading . Features: Display with digital controls Compact size Measurement range 5-9 pH, 0-999 mV Acoustic alarms Wall fixing bracket included The equipment consists of: Suction/injection pipe pH and Rx electrodes, buffer solutions In-line electrode holders 4 DN50 x G1⁄2’ flanges Injection valves Foot filters . (2x) Compatible with: Level probes Flow and temperature probe Serial communication port RS485 for pc VOLTAGE  7015704  60 .0 m3  230VAC       Connect dosing pump in series with circulation pump  212  

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