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   WATER TREATMENT Salt electrolysis Salt chlorinator, type AquaRite® + The AquaRite®+ salt chlorinator combines the highly effective and reliable Hayward® T-CELL salt chlorination technology, with a complete pool automation system . Enjoy perfectly balanced & crystal clear water thanks to continuous pH and ORP (optional) control and manage all your pool equipment (e .g . filtration, heating, lighting etc .) auto- matically or even remotely, with the optional WIFI-module . This unique system provides excellent water quality & saves on chemicals .         Features: pH probe included Chlorinator cell included ORP probe included in LSE model, optional for T3E and T9E Optional detachable screen                         PART NO. TYPE Hayward Wi-Fi module Aquarite PART NO. HAYWARD NO. Hayward parts for AquaRite+ PART NO. SUITABLE FOR HAYWARD NO.       7021200 pools 60m3   7019073  AQR-PLUS-WIFI2                                    HAYWARD NO.  7021202  Hayward ORP kit for AquaRite+ AQR-PLUS-ORP  7019324  Hayward Sensor free chlorine AQR-PLUS-CL  7019314  Hayward Measuring cell GLX-SD-FLOW  7019316   Hayward pH probe with 3m cable  PRO15-10 7019317 Hayward Turbo cell low salt Turbo cell  7019318  Hayward Dosing pump GLX-PUMP5  7019319  Hayward Dosing hose GLX-PH-106234  7019320   Hayward Water flow switch  GLX-FLO-LT 7019321 Hayward Temperature sensor GLX-PLUS-TEMP2  7019322  Hayward Mounting bracket display with cable 10m AQR-PLUS-PANL  7019323  Hayward Suction lance with empty tank sensor AQR-PLUS-CANNE  7019325   Hayward Dosing hose 5 l/h  GLX-PH-90057                                              216 AquaRite® + AQR-PLUS-T3E    7021201 AquaRite® + pools 95m3 AQR-PLUS-T9E    7019072 AquaRite® + LS pools 60-90 m3 AQR-PLUS-LES        

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