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      7014997 pools 75m3 SAS15CEU  7006791 pools 110m3 SAS22CEU    7024439  Salt & Swim 3C  Salt & Swim 3C    7020170 Sta-Rite Salt chlorinator, type SC075  HEATING & PIPING AND HOSES ACCESSORIES CLEANING WATER TREATMENT DEHUMIDIFICATION PUMPS FILTRATION COVERS LIGHTS CONSTRUCTION NORSUP    Salt chlorinator, type Salt & Swim 3C Salt & SwimTM 3C is a new treatment using salt . It has been designed for all those who want to spend less time and effort in treating and maintaining their pool, and whose budget is limited . Truly easy to install and use, this system will treat pools of up to 110m3 continuously with- out the need to handle chemicals, and with reduced and inexpensive maintenance . In combination with the Hayward pH regulator, type EZ-Chem you can also control pH values of the water and this will bring you a system which is easy to use and offers complete maintenance of your pool Features: Easily installed in 20 minutes (Cell included) Simple and intuitive to use Reduced and inexpensive maintenance Suitable for the smallest pool (75m3) New function - detects if the cover is shut to reduce chlorine production PART NO. SUITABLE FOR HAYWARD NO. Replacement cell PART NO. TYPE SUITABLE FOR Sta-Rite Salt chlorinator, type SC075 Get the perfect water without handling chlorine iChlor/SC-75 Salt Chlorinator Generator uses salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, safely, effectively and automatically . For pools up to 90 m3 . PART NO.                                                            217 

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