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   WATER TREATMENT Salt electrolysis Salt, type Poolsel® Poolsel® contributes to safer use of your swimming pool and increased swimming comfort . Poolsel® has been produced on the basis of natural coarse sea salt (with an exceptional high purity level and a low sulphate content) and contains no toxic anti-caking agents . Poolsel® is used for optimisation of the salt level and the production of chlorine via electrolysis, which means a limited use of chlorine products! For membrane electrolysis we advise you to use Soft-Sel® Plus salt tablets . Application: Salt for swimming pools/electrolysis (not for membrane electrolysis) Sea salt for optimisation of the salt level Characteristics: Salt crystals – grain size: 1-2 mm Very high purity, good solubility PART NO. Salt, type Soft-Sel® Plus Thanks to its high purity and hardness, Soft-Sel® Plus is very suitable for membrane elec- trolysis devices . Additionally, the content of sulphates is low and there are no insolubles . Application: Regenerating salt for ion exchange resins in domestic and industrial water softeners . Salt tablets for membrane electrolysis device – swimming pool chlorine production . Characteristics: Round tablets – dimensions: 25 mm – H 12 mm Very high purity, minimum of powder Low content of sulphates and absence of insolubles PART NO.     0891807 Salt, type Poolsel®      0891808   Salt, type Soft-Sel® Plus      220   

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