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                                                TRADEGRADE BY By buying your Pentair products at Bosta, you do not only get high quality products, but you automatically take part in the Pentair TradeGrade program. In this way you benefit from the following advantages: Extra features and exclusive technologies, like PIP scanner Consumer rebates Longer warranties and technical expertise Bigger Pentair Incentive Program (PIP) rewards Extra advantages apply to the following products, among others: • Pumps: IntelliFlo WhisperFlo VSF, IntelliFlo 5PXF VSF, S5P2R-VS2, WhisperPro S5P5R • Filters: TRITON NEO (Top & Side) • Sanitisers: SC-75 • Automation & Regulation: IntelliPool, Soleo, Soleo VS, ControlPro Please consult the TradeGrade policy at to discover all advantages & benefits or ask your Bosta pool team.          21   

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