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   WATER TREATMENT UV Disinfection systems Blue Lagoon Disinfection system, type UV-C Ioniser This revolutionary combination of UV-C and copper electrolysis means you can have a chlorine-free pool! With this Blue Lagoon UV-C Ioniser unit as part of your pool system you can keep your pool water fresh, crystal-clear and above all hygienically clean, without having to use chlorine or other chemicals in the water . Chlorine ensures that harmful bacteria cannot develop in your pool . Unfortunately chlorine also has unpleasant side-effects on the people who swim in the chlorinated water . Examples are irritated skin, stinging, blood-shot eyes, irritation of the bronchial tubes and of course the penetrating smell of chlorine . Children in particular do not realise that they must not get chlorinated water in their eyes because it will irritate them after swimming . Children with asthma also suffer greatly from chlorinated water, so that swimming can be less enjoyable for them . With the Blue La- goon UV-C Ioniser this is a thing of the past . Is the maintenance of your pool water time-consuming? With a Blue Lagoon UV-C Ioniser in your pool you will no longer have to add chlorine or other chemicals every day . With the Blue Lagoon UV-C Ioniser you test your pool water once every two weeks . You then only need to test your water’s value with the simple test strip supplied, and if necessary adjust the device to the correct level .   Advantages of Blue Lagoon UV-C Ioniser Fresh, clean and crystal-clear water More pleasure and less maintenance with your pool UV-C demolish bonded chlorine Chemicals no longer necessary User-friendly and safe disinfection 100% effective and continuous action No pathogenic organisms or formation of algae or bacteria No storing or handling of dangerous chemicals No chlorine smell, irritated skin or red eyes 316L stainless-steel housing Up to 35% more UV-C yield due to reflection The lamp and copper set will last for two pool seasons if used for 12 hours a day and 6 months a year The device automatically indicates when the set needs replacing 2-year warranty on production defects Earthed PLEASE NOTE!! The Blue Lagoon Ioniser can not be used in salt water swimming pools!! Due to the chemical reaction of the copper Ioniser and the salt in your pool there will be a toxic reaction!!  Connection: glue socket x female thread PART NO. TYPE SIZE CAPACITY QMAX FLOW RATE POWER m3/h 30mJ/cm2 PRESSURE bar  0181391  UV-C Ioniser 40 Watt 63 mm x 1 1/2" 23 11 40 W 3 0181393  UV-C Ioniser 75 Watt  63 mm x 1 1/2" 23 16 75 W 3          228  

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