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   WATER TREATMENT UV Disinfection systems Blue Lagoon Disinfection system, type UV-C Salt water Operation: The Blue Lagoon Saltwater UV-C is especially developed for saltwater and seawater pools (salt electrolysis) . Thanks to the special white PVC housing the salt has no corrosive influence . The device comes with a high-fre- quency transformer . This transformer minimises current fluctuations to protect the lamp . With the Blue Lagoon Saltwater UV-C you can disinfect your water in an efficient and safe way . The result is an excellent water quality . The union at the bottom allows 360° connection flexibility . This is ideal for corner installations, or for combination with other lamps .  Advantages of the Blue Lagoon Saltwater UV-C: A built-in electronic ballast to ensure a smooth power supply Especially developed for saltwater pools Philips T5 Smart Cap lamp included Special white PVC - housing - no corrosion influence UV-C rays reduce bound chlorine Easy installation and maintenance Including adapters Ø 63mm to Ø 50mm, 11⁄2” female threaded Ensures fresh, clean and clear water Bound chlorine is broken down by UV-C light Protects your pool from germs Keeps the formation of mould, bacteria and algae under control The amount of salt in your pool can be reduced in combination with UV-C Prevents the smell of chlorine and irritation to the skin and eyes (red eyes) More environmentally-friendly than traditional methods Made in the EU 2-year guarantee with respect to manufacturing faults Earthed   Connection: glue socket PART NO. TYPE SIZE CAPACITY QMAX FLOW RATE POWER m3/h 30mJ/cm2 PRESSURE bar  7015879  UV-C Salt water 40 Watt 50-63 mm 23 9 40 W 2 7015880  UV-C Salt water 75 Watt  50-63 mm 23 14 75 W 2          230 

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