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   CLEANING Robot cleaners Hayward Robot pool cleaner, type SharkVac XL Pilot Robotic cleaner which cleans the pool bottom, walls & water line . For all types of bottom and surface . Efficiency Smarter: Adaptative Seek Control Logic (ASCL®) Microprocessor optimises cleaning routine for each individual pool size and shape Short cycle: designed with a more efficient cleaning pattern allowing for quick cleanups between standard cycles while still reaching all areas of your pool Easier to use: no installation, no attachments . Just drop it in and turn it on It’s completely automatic Extra Durability Simple Direct Drive Design with non-corrosive bearings for high reliability Universal For all types of bottom & walls (flat bottom, gentle slope, diamond shape, complex slope) For all types of surface: (Vinyl, Shielded PVC, Gunite, Fibreglass) Short cycle and full cycle can be selected Ease Of Use Efficient access to patented top-access filter cartridge means end-user maintenance is easy . Simply rinse and clean the easy clean cartridge filter with a garden hose .                                  PART NO. Features: Top-access filter allows quick debris removal and easy cleanup . Just remove and rinse with a garden hose Calculates the size of the pool and programs itself for the most time and energy efficient cleaning path Saves you money by running separately from the pool's filtration system which saves the loss of heated pool water Cleans all residential pool surfaces; gunite, vinyl or fibreglass up to 6 x 12 m Work Cycle: 3 hours Motor Unit: 24 V/3 .5 amps Volume Capacity: 22m3/hr Power Cord 16 m (Kevlar® reinforced) Moving Parts: Acetal/stainless steel Programmed Function ASCL/adaptive seek control Ergonomical trolley included HAYWARD NO.  0180609  Hayward Robot pool cleaner type SharkVac XL Pilot  RC743WCPCEDY       234 

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