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    7002207 12 pcs    7002208 6 pcs    7002209 3 pcs  HEATING & PIPING AND HOSES ACCESSORIES CLEANING WATER TREATMENT DEHUMIDIFICATION PUMPS FILTRATION COVERS LIGHTS CONSTRUCTION NORSUP    Net’Skim® pre-filter Net’Skim® is a pre-filter used on all basket skimmers up to 24cm in diameter, with or without handles . It retains dirt and rubbish (leaves, twigs, insects, etc .) which accumulate on the water surface . It simplifies the tedious job of cleaning the basket and protects the pump . Its patented double fixture system: fastener and elastic, plus specialised netting of 250-300 microns guarantee optimal results . As Net’Skim® has much finer netting than the basket skimmer, more particles are retained so the main filter requires less backwashing . Further, far less chlorine and other chemical products are needed as levels of dirt and rubbish become minimal . Net’Skim® is both ecological and economical . PART NO. PACKAGING Water Lily® Thanks to its microfibres specially treated to retain fat molecules, Water Lily® is a highly-effi- cient specific absorber of the oily substances found on the water’s surface allowing it to stay pure and clear . Its particular flower shape increases the perimeter where residue concen- trates . Thanks to its lipophilic and hydrophobic properties, Water Lily®’s fibrous matter absorbs all the oily substances from the water’s surface without the need of chemical products . PART NO. PACKAGING Pool’Gom® Pool’Gom® is made from a patented plastic sponge material whose surface flaunts the abili- ty to harden when humidified . The hardened surface remains nevertheless pliable allowing for easy and efficient cleaning; even those inaccessible nooks and crannies . Without the use of detergents or chemical products, Pool’Gom* enables you to eliminate stubborn marks and stains with a simple scrub . It is particularly useful on the waterline but also adds sparkle to all the plastic items in your pool or spa area; skimmers, shutters, covers, stairs, patio furniture, etc PART NO. PACKAGING                          243 

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