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  2 Thanks for picking up this catalogue! If you’re looking for water-efficient systems, you’re in the right place. Fresh water is extremely rare We think we live in a world of plenty, but do we? Although nearly 70% of our planet’s surface is covered with water, we can readily use only 2.5% of this water for our daily lives. If you then consider that without water life simply cannot exist, it makes us realise the true value of this precious resource. A slice of bread takes 40 litres to produce, a cup of coffee 140 litres and a steak at least 3.000 litres. Add this to the fact that by 2030 3.7 billion people will live in areas of severe water stress and by 2050 the world will have 10 billion inhabitants. All of these people need to be fed and we have not even considered the amount of water used for recreational purposes yet.... We refuse to accept that water is scarce, but rather, we choose to see this as an amazing opportunity to play our role in changing the numbers for the better! Innovative, economic and ecological products We’re a company of 225 people and between us we’re powered by curiosity and united by a shared vision. We believe everyone thrives on a healthy planet and and therefore, we have made it our mission to make water solutions accessible to improve the lives of people. From us you can therefore expect quality products and brands which flow from our passion. We are constantly striving to provide you with innovative, economic and ecological products in our fields of expertise: irrigation, swimming pool, water treatment and geothermal. By staying close to our customers, installers, suppliers, industry and non-governmental organisations we continually improve our product knowledge and create lasting, mutual benefit. Transformation in water recreation Water recreation is a growing sector. A swimming pool can be a place of joy, relaxation and exercise. Yet, if not treated correctly there could also be a risk of water spillage. Therefore, we focus on smart solutions which promote the idea of re-using water with a full range of quality products and brands. With our new Smartpool app, we have forged the way in taking the guesswork out of proper pool care by providing accurate chemical proportions for balancing pool levels. Our Smartpool app will be regularly updated with a range of professional services to make your life easier and water use more efficient.  Our promise: - Comprehensive range for installing a complete pool - Fast deliveries from stock - Fast and easy ordering: both online and via our sales team - Tailored advice learned through years of experience - Wide choice of well-known brands and own brands - Smart apps and solutions to make your job easier Have a look through and find out how you can improve your systems!  

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