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   NORSUP Norsup Robot pool cleaner, type Cyclone X2 The Norsup Cyclone cleaning robots are designed to clean residential in-ground pools of all sizes and surfaces . Thanks to the patented AquaSmart Gyro System, the Norsup Cyclone will automatically brush, vacuum and micro-filter dirt, debris and contaminants from the pool floor, walls and waterline in a synchronised pattern helping to prevent the cable from tangling . Features: Cleans and scrubs pool floor, cove, walls and waterline Electric swivel Working cycle 1 .5hr and 2 .5hr Cartridge filters down to 20 microns Cartridge full - indicator Top loading filter baskets (with transparent viewing window) AquaSmart Gyro System for intelligent, tangle-free cleaning Complete with free caddy 18 metre cable Compatible with external timer (not included) 4 YEARS WARRANTY         PART NO. TYPE MAX. POOL VOL. m3  7027048  Cyclone X2 100 .0 7027050  Caddy for Norsup Robot pool cleaner Type Cyclone X2, X4          46 

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